Photography by    Shannon Paras

Photography by Shannon Paras


Writing is my passion, and lucky for me, it’s also my job. While I’ve worked in many different fields over the course of my life, from the service industry, to environmental education, to the design world, writing and communication have always been the common thread tying them all together. And now, with the emergence of the conscious business sector, I get to combine my love of writing with my desire to create beneficial change, by helping business I believe in find their voice. I’m here to magnify the positive, champion sincerity, and help you make your mark. With every project I tackle, I strive to shift the balance away from doom and gloom, and towards a brighter future for our planet and all living beings.

Aside from writing, I love spending quiet time in nature (often in the company of a good book), gardening, cooking, road trips to the Sierra Nevada, and traveling around the world in search of new culinary discoveries— or spending a few hours at the table lingering over my old favorites (I’m looking at you, Mexican food).

I am available to work with companies all across the U.S. and the globe, but my home base is in the San Francisco Bay Area.