Julia Paras


I'm a natural-born storyteller with an imagination that never stops working, and a heartfelt passion for making magic with my fellow creatives. To learn more about me and how I can contribute to your project, take a look around.

I became a stylist mostly by accident. After spending a lifetime collecting and assembling personal treasures into pretty scenes, eventually I discovered that I could actually get paid for it-- my life became my work, and vice versa. For me, styling is a chance to stop time. I am carving out a moment to marvel at and honor the beauty of overlooked details present everywhere in the natural world and the ephemera of daily life. Thoughtful yet lively, my work is often punctuated with greenery, objects that reflect a certain nostalgia, and recurring preference for analog over digital. I love creating vibrant, textural vignettes that draw you in and invite you to discover, reflect, and enjoy. I find inspiration everywhere, but I am enchanted by all of nature, folk literature and mythology, and the joys of cooking and eating (lots of eating) with family and friends.

Whether I am styling for indoor or outdoor spaces, soft furnishings, floral and garden, food and beverage, lifestyle, or editorial,  I thrive in collaboration. Every chance to work with a team of creatives is a chance to learn something new, to create something far beyond what I could do alone, and that's what excites me most. Right now is an especially exciting time to assemble a team, with rapid expansion in the socially conscious business sector and emerging markets surrounding legal cannabis. As a native of the Bay Area, I'm embracing the opportunity to shape and explore this growth through my work, in ways that benefit my diverse community. 

I offer a variety of styling services for web, traditional publishing, film and television, and events, with varying rates. I welcome you to email me at julia.m.paras@gmail.com, or visit my contact page to discuss your upcoming project and how I can play a part in bringing your vision to life.