Julia Paras


I'm a natural-born storyteller with an imagination that never stops working, and a heartfelt passion for making magic with my fellow creatives. To learn more about me and how I can contribute to your project, take a look around.

New Growth

Hello there! Welcome to the seedling of my new blog: the first shoot peeking up out of the dirt, the first few sentences that I hope will grow into something lush and fun and delicious. I'm happy you're here. 

I'm an over-brainstormer, so I don't know exactly what this project will be yet. It has some hazy borders: a little bit about travel (Italy! Road trips in the Sierra Nevada!), a little bit about food, and art (art I like and art I make). A little bit of a diary of what it’s like to be alive during these very interesting times. Maybe it will be a little bit about creative anxiety and things like "How To Re-Write Your Blog Intro Several Hundred Times And With Great Stress", because that's honest, and possibly helpful? Beyond that it's a work in progress, but the scaffolding will come down soon. I promise the minute something new happens, you'll be the first to know. 

Stay tuned!